Monday, January 23, 2017

Panda Face Zipper Pouch Purse Tutorial

Recently, I was commissioned to create some fun zipper pouches using Ann Kelle's Urban Zoologie in Spring panel fabric. I had never attempted a project quite like this before, so at first, there was a little trial and error in figuring out the best way to make these tiny animal face bags. I think the end result works wonderfully.

The following Panda Face Zipper Pouch Purse Tutorial gives specific instructions for using the Panda fabric panel to create this purse; however, the same steps and methods apply for using any of the animal face panels to create a simple zipper pouch, wristlet, or purse the perfect size for a child. The fabric panels that will work for this tutorial include a fox, panda, lamb, two dogs, and a cat. My daughter loves the fox coin pouch I let her keep!

Keep reading for a list of supplies and step-by-step instructions to create this precious Panda Face Zipper Pouch Purse!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Go Bananas Bag

My daughter's teacher asked me last week if I could repair their old, worn out recess ball bag. The bag had completely come apart along one side and most of the bottom, and let's not even mention how dirty it was from being dragged on the floor! I told her there was no hope left for that bag, but I'd be more than happy to sew a new one. She gave me what was left of the old bag for measurements, and later that night, Ella and I picked out fabrics.

I had recently received a half yard bundle of the latest collection from Blend Fabrics-- Tutti Fruitti by Maude Asbury. When we saw the That's Bananas fabrics in pink and blue, Ella immediately said those were perfect for her class because they were wild and kooky like monkeys! We decided to use the Lemon Drop in yellow fabric as part of the lining simple because it was yellow like a banana! What we came up with we dubbed the Go Bananas Bag!

Disclosure: I was provided some fabrics used in this post in exchange for sharing a project I sewed with it. All opinions are my own.

Now, I didn't take photos for a tutorial because I needed to make this bag in a hurry, but I will give you basic measurements and instructions for the construction in case you want to make your own Go Bananas Bag. This is a very large tote bag that is perfect for carrying a variety of items, especially recess equipment likes kickballs, soccer balls, jump ropes, and a first aid kit.

Keep reading for the details!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Super Simple Tie Headband Pattern & Tutorial

Add a splash of color and a dash of fun to your outfit with these Super Simple Tie Headbands! Since they tie in a bow on top of the head, this style headband is easily adjusted and fits most children and adults. 

The Super Simple Tie Headband makes a perfect party favor gift for girls, great stocking stuffers, and an ideal item to sell at craft fairs. A half yard of Ann Kelle's Remix knit fabric can make up to 9 headbands! Now that's a great deal. 

Keep reading to get the Super Simple Tie Headband Pattern and Tutorial and start sewing your own headbands today! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Present Placemats & Skirts

Some of my fondest memories are of times spent with my mom decorating our home for Christmas. Handmade decorations, a large fir tree, fresh holly and magnolia leaves from our yard, and the Statler Brother's Christmas on the stereo were essential to creating the festive mood in our home.

One thing we always had on our dining room and breakfast room tables were special, Christmas placemats that my mom had sewn. Several years ago, I decided to recreate her Christmas Present Placemats and even wrote a tutorial so others could make them, too. This tutorial continues to be one of my most popular tutorials and posts ever!

Since it has been a while since I made a set of these adorable Christmas Present Placemats, I thought it was time to make a few more using all quilting cottons instead of a double-sided quilted fabric. I'm so pleased with the results!

The quilting cotton prints in Blend Fabric's Even a Mouse collection by Maude Asbury were perfect for these new Christmas Present Placemats! I love the Snowball Fight print for the border and cloth napkin that makes the bow, and the Christmas Carolers snowglobe print in red is fun and festive for the main part of the mat. The back of the placemat is sewn with the Let It Snow print in light gray.
(Disclaimer: I was provided the fabrics used in this post in exchange for sharing a project I made with them. All opinions are my own.)

If you'd like to make your own set of Christmas Present Placemats, then click HERE for the full tutorial. Here's a picture of the original one I made years ago. For this one, I used a double-sided quilted fabric for the mat and quilting cotton for the napkin and binding.

If you choose to use quilting cottons instead of double-sided quilted fabric, then you will cut out 2 rectangles measuring 12" x 18" for the front and back of the placement. You will also need to cut out one piece of batting measuring 12" x 18". All other pieces remain the same from the tutorial.

Since I had a some fabric left over from the bundle of fabric from Blend Fabrics, I whipped up a couple of skirts using my Simple One Seam Skirt Tutorial.

For this size 4T skirt, I added a contrasting band to the bottom of the skirt.

For this size 6 skirt, I used the Stocking Stuffers in Grey fabric to make this animal lover's version. My daughter was sad that I didn't have enough fabric to make this one in her size! These are so quick and easy to sew and make gifts for little girls.

Have FUN sewing!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Janie Dress & Peplum Top

If you are looking for a quick, easy, and very rewarding sewing project, then look no further! The Janie Dress and Peplum Top Pattern from Mouse House Creations (affiliate links) is the answer.

After recently cleaning out my daughter's closet, I discovered she hardly had a long-sleeved shirt that fit anymore! I immediately thought I needed to sew her a Janie Peplum Top with long-sleeves and a cowl neck. She loves an oversized slouchy collar (remember the Bimma Top?) and anything that gives her an excuse to twirl.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sweetie Pie Baby Bib Pattern & Tutorial

Are you in need of a quick baby shower gift? Or do you have a baby or toddler who needs a stylish bib to protect their adorable handmade clothes? Either way, I've got you (and your baby) covered with my Sweetie Pie Baby Bib pattern and tutorial!

The round shape of the Sweetie Pie Baby Bib is just precious. The small bib size provides lots of coverage for a teething baby who needs help keeping moisture off his chest from drool while the large bib size is ideal for a self-feeding toddler. 

Sew the bibs with Ann Kelle's laminated cotton (slicker) fabric on the front and thick terry cloth fabric from Shannon Fabrics on the back to create the ideal barrier to protect your child's clothing. 

You can also use quilting cotton for the front, but please note that moisture will eventually wick through the cotton and terry cloth. Another alternative would be to use PUL fabric in a fun print or color for the front of the bib.

Let's get started!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nora Dress by Children's Corner Store

Here's an adorable dress I sewed for Ella months ago--the Nora Dress Pattern from Children's Corner Store. While I tested this pattern in record time, I'm embarassed to say it has taken me wa-a-a-a-ay too long to finally share it on the blog! The Nora Dress is a drop-waist knit dress with short sleeves, but this exclusive tissue pattern also offers an A-line dress version and long sleeve options. 

The Children's Corner Store has a long reputation for outstanding tissue paper patterns that feature heirloom and smocking designs, but recently, the owners have been working to add new, trendier styles to their pattern offerings while maintaining the same high quality that their loyal customer-base expects. The Nora Dress Pattern does not disappoint!